When most people think of North America they instantly think of the United States and Canada and maybe Mexico thrown in for good measure. North American contain the Caribbean too and a host of other countries.

If you’re looking for a VPN service to protect your privacy or to access blocked content in or across North America then it’s not difficult to find a whole host of providers who offer a good range of servers in both the US, Canada, Mexico and a few other of the countries in North America.

What is more difficult is finding a provider that is good and offers a fast service. There are literally thousands of providers available and if you’ve searched Google or any other decent search engine then you’ll be overloaded with choice.

Choice is good but too much can be confusing and it’s difficult to know which provider to choose. I’ve been testing some of the leading VPN providers to see which offer the best service for use across North America and as they’re mostly the same price it’s important that you get a good service.

Below I’ve rounded up my findings and listed the top 5.

Best VPN for North America

1IPVanish Small Logo$6.49 /mo615VISIT SITE »
2ExpressVPN Small Logo$8.32 /mo783VISIT SITE »
3VyprVPN Small Logo$6.67 /mo702 - 5VISIT SITE »
5Overplay Small Logo$8.32 /mo482VISIT SITE »
4StrongVPN Small Logo$5.83 /mo212VISIT SITE »

1. IPVanish

IPVanish Small Logo

Most VPN users will be looking for servers in the United States and Canada but it’s good to have other options in North America too and with a combination of US, Canadian and other locations it’s the reason why IPVanish is my number 1 best VPN for North America.

IPVanish has 12 cities across the United States covered including Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, San Jose, Seattle and Trenton. Canada has servers in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

If you’re looking for servers elsewhere in North America then Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama round up the selection from IPVanish.

With over 200 servers in North America alone, IPVanish has a good selection of options.

For most people, the US and Canadian servers will be of most interested for either accessing US or Canadian content or protecting your privacy. However, if you want to put yourself outside the jurisdiction of the US then the other North American options will be ideal.

IPVanish offer software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS so no matter what device you want to access on then you’ll be covered. This is great if you’re at home and want to protect your privacy or access geo-restricted content but also means you can do the same while on the move on your mobile devices.

At just $6.49 per month when taking an annual account they’re also competitive on price and with the service they offer you definitely get good value for money.

Best VPN for North America


2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Small Logo

ExpressVPN is another good provider suitable for North America due to the range of servers available.

In the United States alone ExpressVPN has servers in the following cities, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Miami, Tampa, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas and Atlanta and in Canada in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

They don’t stop there with North American support though as they have further servers in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and the Bahamas.

Servers in the United States and Canada are suitable for worldwide users who want to access geo-blocked content such as CBS, NBC, Netflix and other services from both countries.

Software is available for both Windows and Mac computers as well as apps for Android and iOS. ExpressVPN also has software for Linux which is a bonus if you use this type of operating system and also for routers meaning you can protect your whole network.

ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than IPVanish so it’s worth considering if you need the extra countries as at $8.32 per month when taking an annual package I think they’re a little pricey.


3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN Small Logo

VyprVPN is a company based in the United States and have grown over more than 20 years so know a thing or two about catering to the North American market.

VyprVPN doesn’t offer such a wide spread of countries available over North America but they do cover the main ones including the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The offering will allow you to connect and protect your privacy in a nearby location or access geo-restricted content from any of the three supported countries.

My favourite feature of the service is the fact they offer a 3-day trial that doesn’t require any payment. You do need to enter your card details but if you don’t want to keep the service then it’s simply a case of cancelling and you won’t be charged.

VyprVPN has software and apps for all major devices so you’ll be able to use them while at home, work or when mobile. Their software and app design is some of the best I’ve seen and easy to use for all experience levels.


4. Overplay

Overplay Small Logo

Overplay are a VPN provider who has been improving their networking dramatically in the past year. The speeds on the Overplay service have greatly increased and in my tests I found them to be one of the fastest providers.

In terms of North American servers, they offer a little less than the previously mentioned providers covering the United States, Canada and Costa Rica.

For the majority of purposes the US and Canada are two of the most important locations and for both privacy and geo-blocking circumvention they’ll be more than suitable for most users’ needs.

If you require more North American locations then you’ll need to consider one of the earlier listed providers.

Overplay have a 5-day money back guarantee which is a little less than the others but still enough time to test the service to see if it’s suitable for your needs.

Currently software is only available for Windows and Mac and no mobile apps available although they are in the works and said to be released shortly. If you’re a mobile user then you will need to do manual set-up for the time being so this should be a consideration if you’re a beginner user.


5. StrongVPN

StrongVPN Small Logo

StrongVPN round up my selection for Best VPN for North America.

In terms of server locations StrongVPN are a smaller provider but North America is still catered for with servers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

They have positives and negatives and won’t be suitable for all users. One of the best features is they’re one of the cheapest providers at just $5.83 per month so if you’re looking for a good provider and price is a concern then StrongVPN certainly ticks this box.

My major disappointment with StrongVPN is their desktop software is a little unintuitive. It does the job of getting you connected but it just isn’t as easy to use as the software from the other providers.

Apps are available for mobile devices which are easier to use and mean you can protect your privacy while on the move.

If you’re looking for a good provider for North America that is cheap then StrongVPN is worth taking a look at but personally I’d start with one of the other providers first.


Summary: Best VPN for North America

There are many options for VPN providers for North America especially if you only want to access the US or Canada.

The best provider is IPVanish because of the service available. The price is also competitive and you get more for your money than with some of the other providers. My favourite feature is the speed of the service which when streaming geo-blocked video or using to protect your privacy will really be noticeable.

It’s worth taking a look at the other provider’s websites too just to see what’s available and compare the options that might be more suitable for yourself before making a purchase.

To recap on the available options take another look at the table below.

1IPVanish Small Logo$6.49 /mo615VISIT »
2ExpressVPN Small Logo$8.32 /mo783VISIT »
3VyprVPN Small Logo$6.67 /mo702 - 5VISIT »
5Overplay Small Logo$8.32 /mo482VISIT »
4StrongVPN Small Logo$5.83 /mo212VISIT »